FAQ - SopoSopo


We receive numerous questions every day, here are the frequently asked ones. 


Do you sell to professional sellers?

Yes, please use our contact form to get further information.


My order has been divided into two boxes, but I have only received one so far. Why?

Often, two packages sent on the same day can get separated while being handled by the postal carrier and delay the second package for a few days. There is nothing to be worried about. The second package usually arrives soon after the first one has arrived.


How long does it take for my order to be shipped?

Except for rare circumstances, we ship orders within 48 hours, and most are prepared in less than 24 hours.


My package has not been delivered yet. What’s going on?

We prepare all orders as fast as possible; however, once the parcel has been sent, delivery time depends fully on the postal service and customs of your country. We cannot take any action in the transportation and delivery process after the package has left Soposopo.

If you chose the Expedited shipping method, your order should reach you within 10 business days. Please note that you can track your package anytime by using the tracking number and URL we provide in an automated email. If your package is being held up for some reason, details will be displayed on the tracking website.

If you chose the Economy Air shipping method, the package cannot be tracked once it has been sent. Postal services usually deliver packages within 2-4 weeks, but it is not unusual for delivery to be delayed due to customs checks or issues at your local postal office, including holidays.

If your package has not arrived after 4 weeks, first, you should check your Soposopo account and make sure you registered a valid postal address. If you made a mistake, we recommend to contact your nearest post office for further information. On our side, we are unable to change your address after your package has been shipped. If your address is valid, please make sure your package is not waiting for you at the post office. It is possible to miss the delivery attempt notification if you were not available at the time of a delivery attempt. Make sure to notify your post office that your package comes from Finland and that it does not have a tracking number.

If your package has not arrived after 5 weeks, it might have been returned to Finland. This happens when the mail carrier has difficulty trying to reach you or if you did not retrieve your package from the post office in time. (Post offices usually keep a package for 2 - 3 weeks before they return it to the sender.) In that case, your parcel might need 1 - 3 months from the shipping date to be returned to our office in Finland. We will contact you at that time to discuss resending your package. Please note that you might have to pay for the shipping fee again, depending on the reason for return.